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Is Your AC Working Overtime Right Now?

Are you home with your entire family right now? This means your AC is probably working overtime. It is getting warmer outside and while you are trying to keep the kids entertained with indoor and outdoor activities, your AC will be working 24/7. This can put a strain on your unit. Get your system [...]

2020-03-23T14:32:36-05:00March 23rd, 2020|AC Maintenance, AC Repair, News|

Coronavirus Concerns: Improve Air Quality With The Air Scrubber

Coronavirus Concerns: Improve Air Quality With The Air Scrubber Right now there are over 100 coronavirus cases in Louisiana. The majority of the cases have been found in the New Orleans area.  That's why everyone is increasingly concerned about their potential exposure to viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold and other air pollutants. Furthermore,  allergies affect [...]

2020-03-16T08:57:07-05:00March 15th, 2020|News|

Unpredictable Weather – No Worries You Can Count On Us

Air Conditioning Ambulance Can Help With Unpredictable Weather & Temperature Changes In February, the weather can be very unpredictable in New Orleans. One day the temperatures can be in the seventies and the next day it might be freezing. Temperature swings like this can mean that your heating and cooling system must work harder [...]

Stay Comfortable This Carnival Season

Stay Comfortable This Carnival Season It's Carnival Season in New Orleans! This means there will be parties, balls and, of course, parades basically non-stop for the next couple of weeks. If you live on any of the parade routes, your home will become party central. The weather during the Carnival season in New Orleans [...]

2020-01-16T20:45:02-06:00January 16th, 2020|News|

When Was Your Furnace Serviced Last?

It's about to get chilly in New Orleans (again) which means you will need to turn on the heat. Since this does not happen a lot here, some tend to forget about furnace maintenance. Experts recommend to get your furnace serviced at least once a year. Here is why furnace maintenance is so important: [...]

2020-01-03T08:36:57-06:00January 3rd, 2020|Heating Units & Repair, News|

Be Aware Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Winter is officially here and we have the temperatures to prove it. With the chilly conditions outside, you will be running your heating systems to stay warm and comfortable inside. This is a good time to remind you about the dangers of carbon monoxide. More than 400 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning every [...]

2019-12-23T10:06:41-06:00December 23rd, 2019|AC Maintenance, Heating Units & Repair, News|

Space Heater Safety Tips

Why Can Space Heaters Be Dangerous? It's getting chilly in New Orleans, but you are not quite ready to turn the heat on. Space heaters can help break the chill in your home or office, but they can be rather dangerous. On Thanksgiving morning a wheelchair- bound woman died in her New Orleans home in [...]

2019-12-02T12:56:50-06:00December 2nd, 2019|Heating Units & Repair, News|

Save Money On Energy Costs This Winter

Ways to Save Money on Energy Costs in the Winter It's getting chilly outside in New Orleans and almost nothing feels better than returning to cozy, warm home. While setting the thermostat to the right temperatures can improve the comfort of your house, it is not the only way to do so. There are [...]

2019-11-21T09:47:17-06:00November 21st, 2019|News|