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How often should I have my system serviced?

We recommend that you service your HVAC once a year, especially when the weather is changing. Getting a tune-up when the seasons change can save you from encountering trouble down the road. By getting your system checked ahead of time, you can prevent being stuck with a non-functioning HVAC unit in the dead of winter⏤or [...]

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What is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency doing to encourage energy efficient HVACs?

The EPA promotes residential energy efficiency in an effort to prevent pollution and partners with companies to raise consumer standards. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program, for example, encourages companies to produce more efficient products, including high-efficient furnaces with 90% efficiency ratings or higher. Manufacturers that meet these standards label their products with the U.S. [...]

2016-12-12T12:21:07-06:00May 18th, 2016|FAQ|