smellHave you noticed a smell when you turn on the heater for the very first time? There are several reasons why you could notice an odor from your AC unit. We will take a closer look at what might be causing these smells and what you can do about them.

Reason For Why Your AC Unit Starts To Smell

When you notice an odor coming from your AC unit, it does not necessarily mean that something is seriously wrong; however, it is important that you find the cause of the smell. That smell you notice when turning your heater on for the very first time could remind you of gas. This usually happens because during the summer, dust settles within the HVAC on the heat exchanger. When you turn on the furnace, the dust gets burned off. If the smell persists or is not coming from the vents, call the experts at Air Conditioning Ambulance.

When you smell electrical odors coming from your AC, it could mean that your unit is overheating. Make sure to turn the AC off before trying to investigate the issue. Also, check your air filter and make sure it is clean. If it is dirty, it may be restricting the airflow in your unit. Call a professional if you can’t figure out where the smell is coming from.

A musty or moldy smell could mean you have mold in your air ducts. This is a common problem since there is a lot of condensation happening when you run your AC, especially in our humid New Orleans climate. Make sure to clean your air ducts regularly. If you cannot figure out why a smell or odor is coming from your unit, call a professional. Also, don’t forget, AC maintenance will prolong the life of your system.

Air Conditioning Ambulance

If you are worried about an odor coming from your AC, call Air Conditioning Ambulance at 504-467-1400. We can also help you with regulating your thermostat with zoning which allows for customized comfort throughput your home or business.We also provide Air Conditioning Repair, New Air Conditioner installation, AC Maintenance, and even Heating Units and Repairs