What Can Happen to My AC if I Do Not Change The Filter?

AC-Maintenance-and-AC-FiltersRoutine maintenance can become quite mundane; however, it still must be completed in order for your AC unit(s) to remain efficient. Several potential problems can ensue from failure to change your filter. One possible problem is increased wear and tear on the unit. A clean filter keeps dust and dirt from building up in the unit’s interior components causing damage making it necessary to replace the unit one or two years sooner than required. Expensive repairs may become necessary in the meantime.

Change Your AC Filter Regularly.

When a filter is not clean, unfiltered allergens and mold can build up in your ducts triggering upper respiratory problems, including asthma, as allergens are released into the air you breathe. Also, short-cycling may occur when a dirty filter causes the unit to cycle on and off more frequently than it should. This means temperatures may become uncomfortable and energy is wasted. The flow of colder air can become restricted by a blocked air filter causing the internal temperature to lower and ice to form on the coils thus freezing up the unit. Although the unit might not get cold enough to freeze up, at the very least it will result in uneven cooling, forcing the unit to work much harder. At the very least, the inefficiency caused by a clogged air filter will increase your energy costs by using far more power to cool your home making it much more cost effective to clean or replace the air filter on a routine basis.

Keep Up and Maintain Your AC Unit With a Professional AC Company

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