A/C Ambulance Can Repair Your AC VentHave you ever noticed droplets forming on your ceiling vent or a steady drip streaming down your wall from your vent? Condensation of this sort can be avoided with routine preventative maintenance. Although there are numerous reasons for the condensation, there are four common reasons that you’re most likely to encounter.

The most frequent culprit is a dirty air filter. If this is the culprit, just remove the dirty filter and replace it. Simply put, air cannot pass through a clogged filter causing the unit to work harder. The unit then freezes up and becomes icy. It is when the ice melts that you begin to see the water droplets dripping from the vents. This can cause damage to ceilings and walls. The frequency at which your filter needs to be changed depends on the quality of the filter you use and the number of inhabitants in your home. Some filters are designed for efficiency and longevity, affording the need to be changed less frequently. Such filters tend to be the most cost effective.

Condensation forms where warm and cool air converge. When your ducts are not properly insulated, the air can become warm before circulating into your home causing condensation. The condensation can cause expensive damages to your home, including the need to remediate mold.

When the drain line becomes blocked, the water runs back into the pan. When the pan becomes full, the water then gets pushed out through the vents. The solution is to flush the drain line to clear the clog so the pan is able to drain.

When the refrigerant charge is low, the unit will freeze up and shut down. As the ice begins to melt, the condensation begins to stream into your home, causing damage. Because of neglecting to do routine preventative maintenance, water will do damage to your home through condensation dripping from AC vents. It becomes costly and can be avoided.

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