ac-for-the-holidaysKeep Your Cool!  Air Conditioning Tips During the Holidays.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, maybe if the best time, filled with shopping, family & friends, and lots of cooking. Thoughts surround planning, gifts, and food. Most likely, your Air Conditioner will not even cross your mind, unless of course it breaks. If it breaks while you are cooking a huge meal for a house full of guests, it will definitely come on the naughty list of things to do.

Here are a few signs that your air conditioning may be need to get a check up:

  1. High Electric Bills
  2. Weird Sounds
  3. Moisture and Ice
  4. Unusual Odors
  5. Thermostat Problems
  6. Poor Airflow or No Cold Air

If your electric bill is higher than normal, you may want to get an HVAC professional to take a look at it. Sounds are a key part of the investigation. If your AC unit is making unusual sounds like gurgling, squealing, banging, etc., these could be signs that the system has loose or broken parts.  AC Systems should run quietly. After you have checked for noise, now check for moisture or ice. Look at the unit and the walls near the unit for forming ice and moisture nearby. You may see it on the walls and on the floors. Moisture can lead to mold, so it’s best to handle this problem immediately to ensure the best health. If you see condensation, this could mean that the something is blocked or broken. Black mold is harsh, smells bad and can cause risk for people with allergies. If you smell a musty smell, then you should consider changing or cleaning your air ducts. If you are experiencing uneven temperatures in your home, this could mean that you need to get our thermostat checked out. However, if you have poor airflow or no air flow, then you may need to get your unit fixed or even replaced. 

The holidays are not the best time to be without air conditioning or heating. If you think you may have an HVAC problem, call A/C Ambulance to come and check out your system. Call Us Today! 504.467.1400