AC Maintenance


According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs account for roughly 54% of our utility bills. Without routine AC maintenance, your unit loses about 5% of its efficiency with every year of operation. You will recoup the cost of annual maintenance quickly with reduced energy costs.

What is the recommended AC service?

  1. It is imperative to change the filters in your unit. By changing the filter as prescribed by the HVAC manufacturer, your unit will perform at maximum capacity.
  1. The tech will thoroughly clean the unit to remove all debris and obstructions.
  1. Flushing the condensation lines will clear them and make them clog free. Failing to clear these lines could cause fluids to back up into your AC and damage your system. These fluids could also leak into your home causing damage. (Note: an algaecide or a bleach and water solution can be flushed through the pipes to clear them of any build up.)
  1. By inspecting the air ducts, ensuring there are no breaks in the ducts, and sealing the ducts where there are leaks, improves performance. It is equally important to make certain there is adequate insulation in your attic, as well as insulation around your windows and doors. (Note: by re-caulking and/or replacing inadequate weather stripping, the efficiency will increase by 20% overall.)
  1. By upgrading your thermostat to a digital one, you could save approximately $100 annually on your energy bill. You will recoup that investment in no time through these savings.
  1. It might be time to replace your unit with a more energy efficient one. It is most important to purchase an adequately sized unit. If you purchase an AC that is too small, your energy consumption would be through the roof because the unit works exceedingly hard.

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