Daiken AC Units, Power OutageWe are in the middle of Hurricane season 2019! The recent heavy rain storms and Hurricane Barry caused power outages all over New Orleans and surrounding areas. Here are a few reminders on what you should do to your AC unit after the power comes back on.

Resetting Your System

Make sure you turn the AC system off at your thermostats. Keep in mind, that some thermostats run on batteries, which means  simply changing the batteries in your thermostat could solve the problem. Next step, head to your electrical panel and find the circuit breaker for the AC unit. Possible locations for the circuit breaker box include, your basement (if you have one), your garage, your closets, your laundry room, or somewhere outside. Once you located the circuit breaker for your AC, switch it off, then back on again. This should reset the external circuit breaker. Now, wait at least 30 minutes. During this time, the thermostat needs to remain off. The internal circuit breaker won’t reset if the thermostat is set to cooling or heating. Use the 30 minutes waiting time to clean debris out that may have collected around your AC unit during the storm. When you turn the thermostat back to On, your air conditioner should come back on. Experts recommend that you should set the temperature setting minimum 5 degrees below your current room temperature, for only then will the thermostat be able to call for cooling and trigger your AC unit. If you experience any issues with your AC system after a power outage, contact the experts!

Air Conditioning Ambulance

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