AC Ambulance Air Conditioning Tuneups?Summer will not officially started until June 20, but it certainly feels like summer. The New Orleans hot summers are extremely hot, and an AC system is essential. As you start turning your AC system cooler, make sure you call your AC experts to get your tune-up.

There are lots of reasons to get an AC Unit tune-up, but check out some of the most important ones below:

Avoid Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Systems need to be maintained just like your vehicle. Preventative air conditioning maintenance can help address issues before they become huge problems like your AC going out during one of the New Orleans 100 degree hot days. Routine maintenance can also catch little issues before they come big problems and they will also make your Air Conditioning Unit work better.

Help Your System Live Longer and Keep Your Warranty Valid

Not only does a seasonal tune-up help your air conditioner live longer, it also helps keep your warranty valid. Most manufacturers will void a warranty if the equipment has not been receiving yearly maintenance. Just like getting the oil changed and the ac filter changed in your car, your AC unit needs the same type of maintenance care.

Save Money

An annual tune-up not only maintains your warranty, saving you money on repair costs, but it also helps you save up to 30% on your utility bills. Annual Maintenance can help from clogged filters to debris in your ac system.

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