Always Use A Filter And Change It regularly

Change Your Filter RegularlyIf you choose to run your AC without a filter it will still work, but the damage it will do to your unit can be very expensive to fix. All types of dirt and debris could get into your AC without a filter which can harm to different parts of your system. A clogged up old filer won’t be able to perform its function properly. Find out why it is important to run your unit with a filter, a clean one, and why you need to change it regularly.

What Problems Can Occur

Without a filter for your air conditioner, your condensation drain won’t be able to drain condensation and moisture from your unit properly. This means moisture accumulates on the Freon tubing and then drips down to the pan. The pan drains outside and helps your air conditioner with dehumidifying the air in your home. The filter prevents debris from collecting in your AC drain and clogging it. Without a filter, you risk having poor air quality in your home. Debris entering you system will also cause your unit to perform inefficiently. Dirt collecting in the AC Unit and in the fans will make it harder for your unit to cool your home. If debris ends up collection in your duct-work,  mold could grow.

Air Conditioning Ambulance

Always change your filter! Call Air Conditioning Ambulance at 504-467-1400 if you have any questions. We will keep you cool. We can help you with regulating your thermostat with zoning which allows for customized comfort throughput your home or business.We also provide Air Conditioning Repair, New Air Conditioner installation, AC Maintenance, and even Heating Units and Repairs