Do You Have Water Stains Around Your A/C Vents?

Do You Have Water Stains Around Your A/C Vents?Condensation from your air ducts is usually the cause for those water stains. Condensation forms when warm air from your attic comes in contact with the cold air from your air conditioner. These little drops of water drip onto your ceiling and can cause discoloration. Over time, the water stain can get worse and can lead to a mold infestation.

What You Need To Do

There are several things you can do to prevent condensation from happening. Make sure there is enough insulation around your air ducts. If they are properly insulated, condensation cannot form. Check your duct boot, that’s the metal connector between the air vent and your ducts, for insulation. That’s most likely why the water is dripping into your ceiling. Air leaks around the duct boot or the vent may also be to blame for the water drops.

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