Five Easy AC Maintenance Tips

We all do chores from the dishes to dusting, but there are other household maintenance chores that are also very important to do. One of the most important routine household maintenance chores that will payoff is a maintenance schedule for your air conditioning unit. Not only will it help to keep the dust down in your house and improve air quality, but you will also save money on your energy bills.

Air Conditioner Maintenance AC Units are not cheap, and like your car, it must be maintained. A well-maintained AC unit will work better and cost less to run. Most importantly, it will last longer. The following are some of the most important AC Maintenance tips:

AC Tip #1: Clean and/or Replace Air Filter

Air filters help to keep the air clean, but they can be a problem if they are not changed when they are dirty. A filter will get full of dust, dirt and allergen particles. A dirty filter makes it harder for your AC unit to push the air through your home. Replacing your air conditioner air filter (or cleaning it, if you have a reusable filter) is one of the most important regular AC maintenance chores and it is pretty easy. In general, it should be done every month during high-use seasons (like summer and winter) and once during the fall and spring.

AC Tip #2: Check Wiring and Components

It is also important to visually inspect your AC Unit and all of the wiring and components. If you are not comfortable with this step, you should call a professional. Before working on your AC unit, make sure you turn it off and turn the power off to the unit at your breaker panel. Check the access panel on your unit for any obvious signs of overheating like melting insulation or wires or event burnt areas. Make sure that all electrical connections are connected. If you see anything that concerns you or you are not comfortable performing these tasks, call your AC Company immediately.

AC Tip #3: Examine Thermostat

We all regularly look at our thermostat and adjust the temperature. If your thermostat says the room is at 72 but it feels like 80, you may have a problem. There are a variety of thermostat to choose from and some are programmable which allows you to adjust the temperature when no one is home. This way you can save money and always have the most comfortable temperature waiting for you when you come home.

AC Tip #4: Check Condenser Unit Fan

The fan is mounted on top of the outside condenser unit. Turn the power off to your AC unit prior to checking the fan. Check the fan for broken or cracked signs on the blades. If you have an older air conditioner unit, the fan motor bearings may need to be oiled regularly as well. If you are not comfortable checking this part of your unit, call a professional company.

AC Tip #5: Clean Outside Unit

Your AC unit is located outside, which means it can get leaves, grass and dirt all over the unit. This decreases the capacity of the system and reduces air flow. Take some time and try to clean away some of the debris that might be affecting your ac unit. Trim back shrubs and tree limbs. Professional AC Companies will do a more thorough cleaning of your unit using AC cleaning products.

Call for Professional AC Maintenance

Properly maintaining your air conditioning unit is extremely important. It is not easy to do, but it will increase the life of your unit and will save you money. If you have any questions or would like to get your AC Unit checked out, Call AC Ambulance Today.