Change Your Filter RegularlyHave you looked at your air conditioner filter lately? Do you remember the last time you changed your air conditioner filter? Right now would be a good time to take a closer look at your filter, since the summer has only just begun and your AC will most likely start working overtime to keep you and your family cool in our hot New Orleans summers. You need a clean air conditioner filter so your unit can run efficiently. Your AC Unit will also last longer if you change your filter regularly.

Why You Need To Change Your Filter Regularly

Without a clean air conditioner filter, all types of dirt and debris could get into your AC system. A clean filter protects your system from dirt. Without a clean filter, dirt will get into the blower motor and the evaporator coils. If dirt gets into those parts of your system, it is more likely to breakdown. Dirt collecting in your AC Unit and in the fans will make it harder for your unit to cool your home.

If you want to prevent debris from collecting in your condensate drain, you will need a clean filter. Debris collecting in the condensate drain will clog up the drain and lead to water damage to your system. Fixing that can get very expensive.

Without a clean filter, dust in your home is sucked through the intake and then gets pumped back through your air vents. This means dirt, dust and debris will be constantly circulated through your living spaces until you and your family breathe it in or it clogs and breaks your unit. If debris ends up collecting in your duct-work,  mold could grow.

A clean filter will help protect your Freon tubes. The Freon tubes, the lines that carry the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils, in your AC system are always wet. Without an air filter, dirty or dusty air gets blown over those tubes, then debris will stick to the condensate and coat the fins. When this happens, your system will operate inefficiently.

Air Conditioning Ambulance

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