The heat is on in New Orleans. Temperatures are on the rise and you know this is only the beginning of summer. Right now is the perfect time to gather friends and family for a backyard barbecue. This will be fun and help lower your air conditioning costs, since you will keep the heat from cooking your food outside.  Building a barbecue pit yourself is actually pretty easy and can be a great family project.

Some Of The Materials You May Need

  • bricks, or garden pavers

  • mortar

  • cinder blocks

  • water

  • gravel

  • hand tamp

  • shovel

  • leveler

  • measuring tape

  • carpenter’s square

How It’s Done

Barbecue PitFigure out where in your yard you would like to build the barbecue pit. Make sure it is far away from brushes, trees or other fire hazards. Use metal grill grates as a guide to determine the size and placement of the brick or garden pavers. Mark the area where you plan to build, and dig a pit 8 inches deep. Use tamper to level and compact the ground. Add  gravel to a height of about 2- 3 inches then compact and level with tamper. Mix fast-drying cement according to manufacturer’s directions. Pour on top of gravel until the hole is filled to ground level. Smooth and level the cement pad using a trowel. Allow cement to cure for 24-48 hours. Put the cinder blocks on the edges of the mortar, leaving a small hole or two to drain water. Use the leveler to make sure the cinder blocks are even, and use the carpenter’s square to check all of your corners if you are building a square pit. Spread mortar on top of your cinder blocks, and place bricks, or garden pavers over them. The double layer of bricks strengthens the structure. Keep adding bricks, or garden pavers and mortar until you reach the desired height for your barbecue pit. Put metal braces in the last layer of mortar while it’s still wet. The braces will hold the grill top.

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