How Maintenance Prevents the Need for Heating Repair

AC Ambulance Heating Repairs & MaintenanceIn Louisiana, we really do not get that many cold days…but when we do, it is nice to have a working heating system. Since we do not use our heaters that much, the upkeep and maintenance is not on the top of our To-Do lists. Unfortunately, when that first cold day hits and the heating system does not work, you may have wished you had scheduled in a checkup for your system to make any necessary heating repairs.  A maintenance appointment is equivalent to a tune-up for your heating system. It helps to prevent the need for heating repair, it offers several other important benefits. Fall is a great time to schedule a maintenance appointment, so if you haven’t schedule yours yet, call Air Conditioning Ambulance today!

How Maintenance Helps Your Heating System

When you hire an HVAC expert, s/he is trained to perform all of the maintenance for your heating system and can also perform heating repairs. During a maintenance appointment a number of things happen, including:

    1. Thorough & Complete inspection
    2. Cleaning & Adjustments
    3. Lubrication of all parts
    4. Safety testing
    5. Detect any existing or developing problems

During the maintenance process, our experts thoroughly inspect the entire system. One of the most important parts of the inspection is the cleaning stage because it helps to prevent future problems and safety. Dirty or worn parts can harm the efficiency of a unit and can lead to future problems.  All moving parts in a AC unit must be lubricated to help reduce the friction that can lead to breakdown. We will also make any minor repairs.  If we find that a larger repair must or should be performed, we will discuss your options with you and schedule another date to make these repairs that cannot be performed during the maintenance appointment.

Other Benefits of Maintenance

An Air Conditioning and Heating System is one of the largest costs on your energy bill. HVAC system maintenance actually helps your energy efficiency. An Air Conditioning system that is not working well due to dirt, need for lubrication, or minor repairs, can actually increase you energy consumption. The cleaning, adjusting and lubrication that occurs during a maintenance appointment allows the system to run optimally, which helps regain energy efficiency.

Regular maintenance that keeps your system in good working order will increase the lifespan of your Air Conditioning & Heating equipment. It will help to reduce the ware and tear and will keep it in top working order causing it to last longer.

If you haven’t made an appointment for heating system maintenance in New Orleans, Metairie, or Kenner yet, call the heating system experts at Air Conditioning Ambulance today!