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Keep The Door Closed – It’s Hot!

Keep The Door Closed - It's Hot! Summer in Louisiana is HOT. Desert climates always seem to win the award for the hottest; however, if you have experienced a New Orleans humid summer, you will know that humidity gives a whole new spin to what really is hot. The average [...]


AC Ambulance is the representative of top quality HVAC manufacturers to guarantee your satisfaction in employment of both residential and commercial uses. The manufacturers we represent include: Daikin, Lennox, Goodman, and Amana. They offer full HVAC units, as well as split units for zoning. Daikin is a world leader, as the world’s #1 producer [...]

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Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Don't ignore your Air Conditioner. There are a variety of clues that can help you address AC problems before they become a huge expense. Check out some of the warning signs that your HVAC system will display below: Low Output Are you just too hot [...]

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What is that smell coming from my heater?

After a long, hot summer with the AC running practically non-stop, dust and other debris has had opportunity to settle on your heating element. However, when it’s time to use the heater, you will notice the smell of the dust burning off of the element when turned on. This is normal and not necessarily [...]

How Maintenance Prevents the Need for Heating Repair

How Maintenance Prevents the Need for Heating Repair In Louisiana, we really do not get that many cold days...but when we do, it is nice to have a working heating system. Since we do not use our heaters that much, the upkeep and maintenance is not on the top of our To-Do lists. Unfortunately, [...]

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What’s the purpose of the condensation drain?

WHAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THE CONDENSATION DRAIN? WHAT HAPPENS IF IT GETS CLOGGED? Your HVAC system does more than cool your home. It also removes moisture from the air in your home in order to reduce the level of humidity, creating a far more comfortable environment. The excess condensation is removed from the [...]

Air Conditioning Ambulance AC Services

AIR CONDITIONING AMBULANCE & OUR SERVICES AC/HEATING UNIT REPAIR & PARTS We’re so confident in our repair technicians that our motto is, “If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay for it!” We stand behind our work and that’s our guarantee to our customers. Our techs go through rigorous training to diagnose and repair [...]

Heating for the Winter

New Orleans Winter typically starts in February Sooner or later, the cooler weather is going to arrive in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, and we will be running to turn on our heaters in our homes. February is normally one of our cooler months, so it is time for us to prepare. There are [...]

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4 Tips For A More Efficient Heating

4 Tips For A More Efficient Heating Do you want to save money? Sure, we all do especially when it comes to your Air Condition and Heating System for your home. Heat can account for nearly half of you monthly utilities. Check out these tips that will help you have money while maintaining your HVAC [...]

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