Air Conditioning System & Floods

AC Ambulance Air Conditioning SystemWhile your Air Conditioning System is created to withstand the elements, including precipitation and hail damage, flooding can cause a larger problem. If your air conditioner sits in standing water, the water can cause severe damage to the moving parts and electrical components. Usually, if the water reaches about a foot in depth, it can affect your AC Unit, but if there has been any flooding at all, call Air Conditioning Ambulance for an AC inspection as soon as possible.

What to do During The Floods

The first thing that you need to do is go to the breaker panel and turn off the power to the air conditioning unit(s) and from the thermostat. You should not use your AC when it is in standing water or submerged in water.  Not only can a submerged AC Unit be dangerous to people, but the AC Air intake can force water into the air ducts and bring water into the home and cause further damage.

What to do after the floods

After the flood water recedes and it is safe to return to your home, call AC Ambulance to inspect your HVAC system. Do not turn on your air conditioner before it has been inspected, even if the water has completed receded from your home. Allow your AC system to completely dry out and carefully remove any debris from the surrounding area.

For a full AC inspection and safety check, call the experts at AC Ambulance today and we’ll make sure your air conditioner is working safely and efficiently. Call us at 504-461-1400!