Do you like your bedroom cool but your living room warm?

Zoned HVAC Systems by AC AmbulanceMany homes and businesses suffer from cold and hot areas. One room may be the perfect temperature and then the next will be too hot. A zoned HVAC system allows a home or building to be divided into 2 or more separate zones, giving you more control over the heating and cooling system. A zoned HVAC system provides individual control over temperatures in each zone.

Save Energy and Money

On average, a heating and cooling system that is zoned will save the home or business owner up to 30 percent. The electronically controlled modulating dampers and electronic thermostats automatically adjust the temperature in each zone. This saves energy by not heating or cooling areas of the home where it’s not needed. In addition, it will save you time by having the perfect temperature all the time in every room.

Find the perfect temperature for everyone

There are many factors that affect the temperature indoors from shading and ceiling height to appliances and cooking. A single thermostat limits the control over the comfort from floor to floor and room to room. Zoning solves these problems by allowing each zone’s thermostat to individually demand heating or cooling allowing for individual comforts. In addition, the zoning helps to control hot and cold spots.

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