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What To Do With Your AC After A Power Outage

We are in the middle of Hurricane season 2019! The recent heavy rain storms and Hurricane Barry caused power outages all over New Orleans and surrounding areas. Here are a few reminders on what you should do to your AC unit after the power comes back on. Resetting Your System Make sure you turn [...]

2019-07-16T15:02:52-05:00July 16th, 2019|AC Maintenance, AC Repair, News|

Get Your AC Unit Ready For Spring

Keeping your AC system well maintained will ensure that it works better and will help you safe money in the long run. It is still cold, but spring is right around the corner and soon temperatures will be soaring again. Now is a great time to take a few simple steps to make your [...]

2019-02-07T09:41:47-06:00February 7th, 2019|AC Maintenance, News|

Do You Have Water Stains Around Your A/C Vents?

Do You Have Water Stains Around Your A/C Vents? Condensation from your air ducts is usually the cause for those water stains. Condensation forms when warm air from your attic comes in contact with the cold air from your air conditioner. These little drops of water drip onto your ceiling and can cause discoloration. [...]

2018-12-06T13:05:21-06:00December 6th, 2018|AC Maintenance, AC Repair, News|

What You Need To Know To Keep Your AC Run Efficiently

Here in New Orleans, winter usually does not get that cold. Even though you may need to turn the heat on for a day or two, almost certainly, a day later you will need to turn the cold air back on. In conditions like these, it is important to  take care of your unit [...]

2018-11-11T13:45:49-06:00November 9th, 2018|AC Maintenance, News|

Always Use A Filter And Change It regularly

Always Use A Filter And Change It regularly If you choose to run your AC without a filter it will still work, but the damage it will do to your unit can be very expensive to fix. All types of dirt and debris could get into your AC without a filter which can harm [...]

2018-10-10T10:06:12-05:00October 9th, 2018|AC Maintenance, News|

Keep The Door Closed – It’s Hot!

Keep The Door Closed - It's Hot! Summer in Louisiana is HOT. Desert climates always seem to win the award for the hottest; however, if you have experienced a New Orleans humid summer, you will know that humidity gives a whole new spin to what really is hot. The average [...]

Why Does My House Have So Much Dust?

WHY DOES MY HOUSE HAVE SO MUCH DUST? With the AC running, we tend not to leave doors and windows open. So, have you changed your AC filter lately? Did you remember to make that appointment with a professional for your Fall/Winter AC maintenance call? Have you had your air ducts sealed or insulated [...]

2017-12-27T15:39:29-06:00December 27th, 2017|AC Maintenance, News|

Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Don't ignore your Air Conditioner. There are a variety of clues that can help you address AC problems before they become a huge expense. Check out some of the warning signs that your HVAC system will display below: Low Output Are you just too hot [...]